This post assumes that you have a basic familiarity with Transfer Learning for Deep Learning models. If you are unfamiliar with Transfer Learning or would like to brush up on it, I strongly recommend reading A Comprehensive Hands-on Guide to Transfer Learning with Real-World Applications in Deep Learning.

The wonderful thing about Transfer Learning is that you don’t have to be the one who trains the source model. In fact, when using Transfer Learning you rarely train the source model yourself. Instead, you usually find a pre-trained model online with good performance and then continue training it on your dataset…

Sheldon, my team’s project, won 1st place at DataHack 2018. Here is how we conceived and built it. If you are unfamiliar with it, DataHack is the biggest data hackathon in Israel. It takes place once a year, in Jerusalem.

The Vision

In our mind’s eye, we envisioned a product capable of providing a high-level understanding of interpersonal relationships using sensory information. Put simply, Artificial Social Intelligence. This was a lofty goal for four people in a day and a half, as of October 2018…

When we thought about how Artificial Social Intelligence could be useful in the real world, we quickly realized that it could help people with Asperger’s syndrome to interpret social nuances. The thought that in just 39 hours we could develop an MVP that could improve someone’s life really motivated us!

Why Sheldon you ask?

Sheldon, a character…

Amiel Meiseles

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